Saturday, January 11, 2014

Updating {Elise}

Yes!  An update on my best friend!  Elise and I have recently separated our blogs; we are going to have some different experiences coming up and it might get confusing trying to figure out who is doing what.  So, Elise has started her blog, which is amazing!  She is going to spend a couple months this spring in the Philippines, but I will let her tell you all about that... (Here's the link:  And I will continue to be blogging on this one. 

Although Lisey and I are 2,788 miles away, I have been so blessed to be able to have such a dear friend who's heart burns for the Lord, even with the distance.  We write, we text, we call, we skype, we facetime, and we pray for each other.  It is such an incredible experience to see how God puts Elise and I through different experiences, yet often teaches us similar lessons at the same time.  I am also so thankful to be able to have this teacher-student relationship with Elise as we learn different lessons, and immediately tell the other what has been taught.  I am eternally grateful for our friendship, and I am sure we will have lots to share in the future as we do life together.

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