Monday, February 3, 2014

The {future}

The truth is that I dream about the future. But more than that- so much more than dreaming, I pray about the future. I pray about all sorts of things. I pray that God prepares my heart for my future husband and that He draws us closer to Him each day. (By the way, if you haven't read Praying for Your Future Husband, get it now- it's amazing). I pray a lot about my future husband, and I pray a lot about my future children too. God has placed an immense burden on my heart to adopt and so I know that even though I am only 17, my children may be alive right now. Even if they are not yet here, I know that the possibility of their biological parents being alive is quite high and so I often find myself praying for the mother and father of my children.  That's hard- to know that a family is going to have to go through some sort of traumatic situation to have to be eligible for you to adopt and yet still understand that you can do nothing to alleviate that trauma... Except for pray. I can do that, I can pray. And through this process God has proven faithful and powerful as He has shaped my heart to love these people whom I have never met, and possibly will never meet. But then there's salvation. So I pray for that too. I pray for the salvation of my future children's parents. Imagine this: you walk into Heaven's gates and bow in adoration at the feet of Jesus. He welcomes you into His Father's Kingdom and you are so in awe. Eventually after all the shock (maybe that will never end though), you get to meet all these people that have impacted your life and those whom you have impacted- all those that are in Heaven anyways. Imagine spending your life raising someone else's child and praying fervently for the salvation of that someone.... Then, you meet them. You meet them in the most splendid, unimaginable of places. And you get to thank them for having your child and you get to celebrate everlasting life together- that moment, that's why I pray. 

My prayers don't guarantee someone else's salvation- I don't have that power. However, I know that the power of prayer is in the One to whom I pray and I know that He can do so much with the simple prayers that He draws me in to pray. 

Elise and I pray about the future together aswell. That is simply glorious- to have a God-given friend that simply prays with you. We've been doing that a lot together lately, praying, and we have some things we need people to join us in praying for. We have many burdens on our hearts, and we feel called to carry these out (God-willing) in the near future. 

1.  We want to build a school.  I have had a dream to start a school in Ethiopia for the outcasts of society since I was 9 years old, and Elise has had an immense burden for education since she was a little girl. The school would provide free education for impoverished children and hopefully one day serve as a center for teaching adult literacy classes aswell. 

2.  We want to run a medical clinic. (Wherever the school is located).  Elise has recently felt a calling on her life for nursing and I know that God will be able to use this to care for His people. This is definitely my weak area- blood honestly freaks me out, but I am slowly getting over my fear, and it is all because of God. In fact, I am spending my summer in Haiti working at a medical clinic for premature babies and delivering babies- I have so much room to grow my heart and knowledge! 

3.  Foster Care and Adoption.  Elise and I both feel called to care for vulnerable children- especially orphans. 

These are our top three prayer concerns about the future and we would love for you to join our prayer efforts.  Please know that I am not laying out my future without any regard to the possibility of change.  These are simply what God has laid on our hearts and we are excited to see what He does with them in the future.  This may take years upon years to complete or even get close to opening; however, I love to see how God lays things out and finishes them, He has a perfect plan and we are trusting Him. 

So dream big, but more importantly, pray. He has more in store for you than you will ever understand, trust Him with your {future}. 

**A couple of photos from my most recent trip to the orphanage in Nuevo Laredo, MX**


  1. We are always praying with you sweet Mal. And when God open a doors for you to do His work in His precious Africa, we will give and we will go!

  2. Thank you so much for all of your support! I can't wait to watch your girls grow up learning not only what it is to be loved but also how to love/serve others :) love you both!