Saturday, June 14, 2014


Over the past couple of months, I think Jesus has been molding and transforming my idea of home.  I've been told most of my life that home is where the Air Force sends you, and for my family, this statement appears to be true. I was born in South Carolina, then I moved to England, California, Norway, Arizona, Ohio, Washington, Florida, and now we've been stationed in DC.  I will spend 4 weeks here, 6 weeks in Haiti, and then I will make my third move this summer to Chicago for school.  My extended family is from the panhandle of Florida, my facebook says I'm from Stavanger, Norway, and in all actuality I feel more at home on mission trips in third-world countries than I do in America. On scholarship and college applications, I've been asked multiple times where my home town is- I usually write "undecided".

But now I know- I know where my home is; my permanent residence is in Heaven. My desire for permanence will not be satisfied on this Earth, and I am trying to live like I know this.  I no longer have to plan my life, I no longer have to waste money on comforts that won't last, and I no longer have to worry about how trying and dreary this place can be.  I know the trouble is here, I know and expect trial and strife and pain.  But I also look forward to the strength found in my Jesus and how He prepares me for the battle.  Heaven is coming, and I am getting ready.  This is simply my temporary home. 

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