Friday, April 11, 2014

Kreyol {ayisyen}

M'ap aprann Kreyol ayisyen.  Or at least I'm trying to learn Haitian Creole.  And in the process of beginning another foreign language, I am becoming fully aware of the fact that I am so in need... In need of God, in need of grace, in need of someone who can pick up the pieces where I fall short.  And He is so good to me.

I spend about two hours a day learning new vocabulary and grammar structures, and then I spend the rest of the day saying random phrases in Creole- which I am sure annoys my family, but has truly helped my pace of forming sentences in my head and then actually speaking them aloud.  And the rest of my day is spent moving into our new home in the DC area, reading the Word, planning Bible studies for the upcoming trip, getting packed for college, and trying to enjoy summer with my family before it slips away.  It's not glorious or fancy, but all these preparations for Haiti are molding me.  

I am learning Creole for a couple of reasons; I want to be able to communicate the story of Christ with not only actions but also truth, I want to form real relationships with the people I meet and the ones I already know, and I want to know Creole so that if there was some sort of emergency I would be able to know enough to help.  No, I will probably never be fluent in Creole, but God is teaching me to enjoy the tasks that may seem hard or even mundane.  

So I'm continuing to learn this exciting language through books and HaitiHub- which, by the way, is a fantastic website to learn Creole on.  I totally recommend this site to anyone trying to do missions in Haiti.  Sometimes it's difficult and sometimes I simply do not want to learn another word or do another lesson, but I know God will use this.  He will use my impatient heart and all my inequities and He will be glorified.  

Two weeks until I leave for Haiti; thanks so much for all your prayers and support.

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