Tuesday, July 15, 2014

11 July 2014 {Z'oranges}

If I'm honest, today is not actually the eleventh anymore.  I wrote the date with every intention to write last night, but I became ill last night as soon as I went to lay down.  Praise Jesus, I am feeling much better now!  It is 4:11 am and I have built a tent around my bunk with a sheet so I can put a flash light on to write and not wake anyone else.  Yesterday was an amazing, exhausting day.  We started breakout sessions for the teachers' conference around 8:00 am and so our little medical team- Bailey, Amanda, Nina, and I went hut to hut with our translator, Paritone to see if we could pray with people, bandage wounds, and give out needed medicine.  We got to visit many families who have fallen sick with chickungunya, a virus spread by mosquitoes that results in high fevers, headaches, and extreme joint pain.  A lot of the people affected in Z'oranges are recovering now and just need Aspirin to help with the lasting symptoms, but people all over Haiti (especially in Port) are getting the virus.  It was also clear that a lot of people were quite healthy until the news spread about our team having medicine.  We also saw a lot of people with Shingles and one girl with Scabies.  Jesus, please meet them in their need.  A treat was getting to visit TonTon, a blind man who is good friends with Tim Wright (a friend from Cinco).  TonTon was extremely excited, screaming and gripping our hands with the thought that Tim's friends came to see him- what a blessing.  After lunch, Bailey, Ashley and I led a CPR clinic for the teachers and then got to spend lots of time with the local children.  I got to hear more of Nati's* story- she is six years old with a sweet smile and a heavy heart.  Her Mama "te mouri" (died) and her Papa lives in Port-Au-Prince, so she and her brother live with their aunt.  I pray that I never lose compassion for these little ones.

I am learning to let go of my expectations and hold tight to the promises of the Lord.  We do things a little different here, but our Jesus remains the same.  So we wash our clothes in the sink or in the well, and we end up dirty 30 minutes into the day, and we paint fingernails constantly- boys' fingernails- because nail polish is just that cool, and we wash each others' feet because that's what Jesus did, and we end up with bites from various mosquitoes and spiders because, well this is Haiti, and we spend our days holding children with rags for clothes who have the same majestic Creator who loves us all the same.  And in the differences of my new lifestyle, I am finding that He satisfies and He is worth my every moment.
Meeting TonTon

Preparing medicine in hut-to-hut visits.

Organizing medicine.

Loving on a baby :)

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