Tuesday, July 15, 2014

12 July 2014 {Z'oranges}

Today was definitely one of my fondest birthdays.  I woke up and went into the multi-purpose room where I found Bailey and Ashley decorating- what a gift.  Janet also spent all day making a wonderful birthday cake for me.  But what really made this so special was being here and spreading the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.  I spent most of the morning with the local children- playing guitar, singing, and playing together.  We played 10,000 Reasons over and over and over, so now at any time of the day, you can hear my three year old buddies belting out "Oh my soul!" as if their little lives depended on it.  What a joy!  We finished the Teachers' Conference today after lunch and it was such an incredible experience to see all God has done in these past two years with the school- all the teachers were so thankful and we are thanking Jesus.  We ended the night with Bible study for the women in the village- Vicki talked about Mary (Mother of Jesus) and it was clear the women were understanding that they too have important, God-filled purposes in their lives- Jesus is so good- it is hard here and everything proves to be a "need" but the gospel of Christ is spreading and growing in these people, and in us.  He is so worth my everything.

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