Tuesday, July 15, 2014

14 July 2014 {Z'oranges}

Today is our last full day in Z'oranges and it was spent well.  This morning we went to the market to show the team typical Haitian life.  Bailey and I had been praying so hard that we would find a friend from last year named Liji*.  We even had a letter from Justin (a friend from Cinco) to deliver, and we had fully faith we would see him on this trip.  Liji attends Jerusalem 4, so when we did not see him at worship last night, we assumed he was gone.  However, while at the market, Bailey and I asked Waleed* if he knew Liji and where he lived.  Just imagine the joy Bailey and I expressed as Waleed told us he lived right in the center of the market place!  The reunion was precious and I know my words cannot express the fullness of God's perfect timing and grace as we embraced Liji and gave him Justin's letter and pictures of the two together.  Liji's arm is completely healed (my God heals); whereas a year ago he had many deep cuts and an arm that Bailey had to pop back into place.  We figured he would never be able to use it properly again.  Yet, God has healed Liji and he is well.  After giving Liji the letter and many hugs, we returned to the mission house.  And right before lunch, low and behold, Liji surprised us with another visit.  He had walked all the way to the mission house just for a couple more house of fellowship.  The rest of the day was spent playing with the village children and avoiding saying our goodbyes.  We packed and packed some more until we had a box completely full of donations for the mission house.  Then, Anne Marie, Ashley, Bailey, Vicki, Amanda and myself gathered for a Bible study to discuss all God has taught us in the past week.  It is a beautiful thing to get together and pour out our hearts to one another as Jesus pours out His grace on us.  I am so excited to meet the Trueloves tomorrow for the first time and I am beyond excited to see all that God has in store for the next month or so.  He is so worth my everything!

*This name has been changed for security and privacy purposes.
Fun on Gabriel!

The sweet reunion.

My little sweet and sassy friend.

Praying with Liji!

Eating lunch.

Nina took care of a little sweetie who enjoys the same hobbies.

She is improving so much!

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