Saturday, September 6, 2014

16 July 2014 {Sentrain, Haiti}

After getting up at 6 am, our crew left Blue Ridge at 7 am and headed to Nan Sentrain.  George's pick-up truck was completely full of people and of all of our luggage.  George, Jonathan, Natasha, Tarna, and I were in the cab; while the caged bed of truck was full of propane tanks, luggage, and Austin and Stang.  This lasted for three hours until Natasha and I switched to sitting in the cage.  It was hysterical!  Most of the ride consisted of dusty, rocky dirt roads and you feel every bump.   I was thanking God all day that I don't get car sick, and because of that, we had a blast.  For about five hours, Natasha and I sang our favourite worship songs, got to know each other, and enjoyed the marvelous views of NW Haiti.  We tried new (to me) Haitian foods, like Pate and Banan Peze.  Both very good!  I decided awhile back not to say no to any food that I'm offered here, even though I've been a very picky eater for most of my life.  It's a place I've been growing in, because in all reality, it's extremely selfish of me to look at food unthankfully while so many around the world are dying due to starvation.  So tonight when the Trueloves' friend made us fish (like literally just caught- a red snapper) and beans/rice for dinner,  I accepted.  I haven't eaten fish since I was little, but it definitely was not bad!  So thankful for the food we have, and I'm learning to be a gracious, thankful receiver of things I'm not used to.

Arriving to the guest house, where I will be staying, made me pleasantly surprised.  Everyone has warned me how "primitive" and "simple" this place is.  It is.  It is not what I'm used to, but it is everything my depths had hoped for- a place where comforts are scarce and I am forced to depend on my God for everything.  But I am blessed and thanking Jesus for a bed and a place to take a cold shower- unexpected luxuries.  By third-world standards, where I am living truly is a nice place to stay, and I am thankful for my "primitive" place.  Thanking Jesus for another day.
 The view from the cage!
 Natasha getting ready for the dust.
 Just get a taste of this sweet ride.
Getting a little dirty is just part of the fun!

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