Saturday, September 6, 2014

17 July 2014 {Sentrain}

My first full day in Nan Sentrain has been a day of relationship-building and attitude adjustments.  This morning Natasha and I made omelets for the family and then went over to the house to help in the kitchen and do some cleaning up.  Everyone around here is in the middle of having or recovering chickoungounya .  So the "menial tasks" that most of the women do in the kitchen needed to be taken over by Natasha, Tarna, and myself.  Although I would have liked to be working in the clinic, this work is needed, and it humbles me to keep my eyes on Jesus and embrace the "mundane" moments that are teaching me so much.  Christ is changing my attitude and showing me that I am here to serve- to serve with whatever is needed, whether that be doing dishes, cooking, playing with children, helping in deliveries, or fostering a premie, I am here to serve.

After helping in the kitchen, Tasha and I made homemade doughnuts for all the Trueloves and our crew.  Then we went outside and played soccer with the village children for an hour and then finished with an hour of volleyball... Haitian style, which means the Americans will always lose- no matter what!  We don't mind though because these people are precious and we are building relationships here.  It's a beautiful life.

 Our everyday supper- beans and rice!
 Life in the kitchen.

 Sydney, one of the family dogs.
our volleyball marks!

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