Sunday, September 7, 2014

18 July 2014 {Sentrain}

My main duties for today included all things in the kitchen.  Everything here takes about 10 times longer, and that includes cooking and cleaning.  Carol Ann cannot use her hands much because of the virus and Se Venicia is in the middle of having chickungunya so I took over making bread and cleaning the dishes.  Everything here is home made- absolutely everything.  So, I am finally learning to cook, and my parents are a little nervous.  Among the many tasks that I used to take for granted are doing laundry.  Tasha taught Tarna and I to "correctly" wash our clothes while living here.  It took 2 hours and I have a bruised, raw wrist, but it was such a great time of fellowship.  These tasks weren't heroic or fancy, and they don't take much bravery, but I feel God telling me that this is my preparation stage for my long-term mission, wherever and whenever that may be.  Because at some time or another, I will have to re-learn everything in order to survive in a third-world country, and I am thankful God is using my simple, menial tasks to teach me new skills, humble me, and make me thankful for the little things.

The clinic is pretty sporadic in needs and deliveries (you can't really plan when a baby will be born).  We can have two deliveries in a day, and we can go a month without any.  Right now it's been a slow week for the clinic and we haven't had many needs so far, so I've been mainly helping at the house.  It's good timing to not be so busy with the clinic, and it's especially good not to have any premies that are in need because of how chickungunya is spreading so quickly- it could be fatal for a premie and exhausting for our recovering nurses with all the work.  God's timing is always perfect.

Tonight we all played some more volleyball and "keep away" with the local kids.  It was a blast.  The children are starting to come out of their shells and some even stop staring at us when we walk across the street.  One of the girls that I've befriended is Elda, Natasha's 19 year old sister.  She is absolutely hilarious- she is always joking around and she has been very welcoming.  Yet at the same time, she is one of the most intimidating people I've ever met.  If any of the kids get in her way, she'll get a rock and throw it their way.  If a dog is in the house, she grabs a switch from a tree and whips it.  If we play "keep away", she pelts balls at people to win.  She is a character.  I am still trying to figure her out, but until then, I'm glad to have befriended this funny girl.

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