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19 July 2014 {Sentrain}

Today is the day of "rest" clinic-wise.  Carol Ann is off call and the other nurses take over.  We decided to take advantage of the down time by going on a long hike to two caves in the middle of nowhere, NW Haiti.  It was quite the exhausting hike but it was such a fun adventure.  Muddy and full of bats, the caves were such an interesting wonder to marvel at and we had so much fun.  As we came out of the second cave, we found a perturbed mob of Haitians ready to strip us of our belongings because we "didn't pay the cave fee" before entering.  After bargaining with them for a while, we gave a donation of a flashlight and got away without much trouble.  We ended up telling them about how they could pump clean drinking water out of the cave and how they could use the fertile mud for better crops.  It's small steps over here.  

The way back home from the cave was a pretty challenging hike, but it was a wonderful time.  After arriving to the guest house, we were all absolutely ready to take cold showers before lunch- we were all disgusting.  However, as I went to fill my water bottle, I realized we were out of water.  So, we all headed outside to pump water from the neighbors' cistern and fill a bowl of water to take "showers" in.  It started pouring rain as soon as I got out there, but God is making me more aware of how content my heart needs to be with just Him (as if He wasn't more than enough).  Because ultimately all of this will burn and fade away and He will sit enthroned.  So the showers in the rain and the lack of water, and the electricity shortages, and the intense heat, and the fist-sized spiders with fangs the size of my pinkies in my shower, and the foul smells, and the fact that no one speaks my language doesn't really matter at all.  Because ultimately all of this will burn and fade away and He will sit enthroned.  This will be my reminder to keep my eyes on things above.

Then after cleaning up, we ate lunch and Tarna and I headed to the Trueloves' house to see if we could help with anything.  Carol Ann explained that she just needed some rest time and so we sat on the outside swing for an hour or so just listening to all her stories.  Carol Ann is an amazing wife, mother, and missionary.  She has twenty-four children and a heart of gold with love for the Lord.  At the same time, she is as tough as can be and lives as though she were born and raised Haitian.  Right now she is still recovering from chickungunya and so if we are to get a premie to take care of in the next couple of weeks, I will most likely be the caretaker.  She is too weak right now to lose sleep and the premies need 24/7 care.  Obviously I would love to take care of a premie, but I am also hoping no premies present significant need here- because Haiti is a tough place for an eighteen year old, let alone a baby who has yet to grow full term.  And the survival rates would be significantly lower with the spread of chickungunya and their undeveloped immune systems.  But I know without a doubt that my Jesus can heal, and make miracles, and He will be praised no matter what.  Healthy or not, we will love these babies, if they come.  Praising Jesus for another day.  

Just for the note, as I am writing this there is a 6 inch spider on my screen of my window above my bed and there is a dog who tries to bite me every time I pass it right outside my door.  Gotta love this preparation time!

 Elda's corn!
 Entrance to the first cave.

 Exploring another hole in the cave!

 Tarna and I showing off our muddy experience from the first cave.
 This horse wasn't really into people.

 Entrance to the second cave!

 If you look closely, you can see some bats.

 Getting water for our showers.  So thankful for water!

 A little wet!
 My backyard.
 It gets muddy quickly!
My friend spider.

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