Tuesday, September 9, 2014

20 July 2014 {Sentrain}

Sometimes plans have to be discarded in order to fully experience all that God has for us.  And so we practiced this lesson with out church service this morning.  We had all gotten dressed and ready to leave for church when it started to pour rain.  We decided to wait for a little while because we knew we'd only be missing 30 minutes of community announcements.  However, after 30 minutes, the rain started pouring heavier and most of the village left the church to attend to the flooding huts and houses.  So, we decided to have a little home church and sit out the rain.  It was great simply to sit around and reflect on the things Christ has been teaching us in the past week.

Then after the rain stopped pouring and our own "church service" had ended, Natasha and I headed to the house to get prepared for Carol Ann's birthday dinner.  I was in charge of icing the cake, doing the dishes, and doing the finishing touches of a couple of side dishes.  The Birthday meal was fabulous, and felt quite ironic having fillet minion on a mission trip.  But in all actuality, fillet minion is cheaper than chicken here- how funny.

After dinner, all of us did our laundry outside together.  I am building callouses now so it feels better, but it's a lot of work.  It was a great time of catching up though.  Tomorrow starts the first of many laborious days for all of us, so Natasha is planning on making pancakes early tomorrow morning.  So, Tasha and I went to the house to get the ingredients... Tasha sent me to the storage closet to get sugar and flour, and as I reached down to scoop some sugar, a rat the size of Uganda ran right from a sac and jumped up to a shelf beside me.  Frozen and disgusted, I leaped backward to show Tasha as she stood there laughing and laughing at me.  It was not something I would have wished to experience, but I feel a little accomplished having conquered seeing (and not dying) my first rat here in Haiti.  Here's to many more!

Jesus is good and He is enough and I am blessed to be here and experience everything with Him.

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