Tuesday, September 9, 2014

21 July 2014 {Sentrain}

This morning Austin and I decided to run at 5 am to his land to get some exercise in and pray for the land and his Positive Electric Ministry.  About a half a mile in, I rolled my ankle on one of the many rocks on the red dirt road.  It made a loud pop and hurt pretty bad, but it'll be fine- I can walk perfectly fine.  So, we walked the rest of the two miles and talked about all God is doing and teaching us in our lives.  Austin is married to Kaylee, and together they have three children- one yet to be born.  They are planning on moving down here in about 6 years to further their Positive Electric Ministry.  Be praying for them!

After breakfast, all the girls headed to Mawouj to get some needed grocery items.  Then we headed to the guest house to unload donated baby clothes and organize them by gender and age/size.  After lunch, we continued to organize them and then make bundles for all the newborns with essential items for the post-delivery care.  We have to have them ready and handy for upcoming deliveries.  The boys spent the day at Austin's land laying the foundation and walls for Eliodi's house (a neighbor that Austin is helping out).  Then in the late afternoon we took some new clothes and baby items for the babies at the nutritional clinic (for malnourished infants).  We were able to provide many clothes and essentials for a seven month old (5 kilos) girl, but the others were out with their mums, so we will try again tomorrow.  Overall, it's been a very productive day, and a highlight was getting a chance to talk to my family via digicel.  I am loving being here, and I know God has planned every bit of it.  Still trying to praise Him with my all, and learning to ask and accept His grace as I continually fall short.  He is so good.
 What a blessing all these donations are!
 Learning how to properly fold diapers. 
 Making bundles!
 My ankle's only a little swollen.
All the bundles!

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