Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It's not that I didn't write all my experiences down... because I did.  It's just that writing them down and then actually reflecting on them in my mind (and heart) became a longer, more draining task than I had anticipated.  It's been three weeks since I left Haiti and it is going to take me more than just a couple of weeks to begin understanding and applying all that God has taught me in this time.  It was a wonderful summer- a summer full of growing up, being humbled, grieving, and choosing joy even when the going got tough.  It was an adventure that contained intimate experiences with my Savior, and only He knows the entire story.  Yet I am choosing to publicize most of my experiences in the hopes that my God will be glorified in that He was able to use me, a broken and imperfect individual, to plant little seeds that will be watered and reaped as He sees fit.

So here it goes.

15 July 2014

This morning our teachers team headed to Port-au-Prince via Gabriel at 6 am.  The ride was an absolute blast, and the views of the mountains and shoreline were spectacular.  We arrived in Port at the airport about 8 am, said our goodbyes, and then Chuck, Bailey and I headed to the Blue Ridge Guest House to meet George Truelove.  He was so welcoming, and I loved getting to hear some of his life stories before the kids arrived.  George left at 2 pm to pick up the kids from the airport, while I stayed at the guest house to update the blog, shower, and have some quiet time.  The kids finally came to the guest house at about 8 pm.  We all ate dinner together then prepared for our trek tomorrow.  Everyone is very nice, but getting to form relationships takes time.  Austin and Natasha are George and Carol Ann's children... Austin married Kaylee who is the sister of Stang and Tarna who are both on the trip- along with Jonathan who is their cousin.  Learning everyone's relations is half the battle.  It was an extremely hot, sweaty, lovely day here in Port-au-Prince and I am excited to see what God will do next.
 This is the bench where I was blessed to have my quiet time (at Blue Ridge).
 My view.

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