Tuesday, October 28, 2014

23 July 2014 {Nan Sentrain}

Today started out pretty slow, but looking back on the full day, it has been a good, productive one.  After breakfast, I helped the girls peel potatoes for "dinner" which is at 1 pm every day and is the biggest meal.  Supper is a light meal or snack.  So Tasha decided to make her famous "soupa de pumpkin", which everyone loved.

Most of my morning was spent playing with little Jerri, a six year old boy who is one of Carol Ann's grandsons.  Jerri and I also spent some time with little Jon (3) and his brother, Nakolov (4).  There was little to help with in the house, the clinic was pretty slow, and spending time with these little ones was a pleasure... Until Jerri found a mouse.  Elda killed it with a stone and then Odelson (Carol Ann's son) killed another mouse in the house in the same ten minutes!  Hilarious.

Somebody had to pick up the dying/dead mice and put them in the outhouse out back because if the dogs were to eat them, they would die from the poison.  So, I picked up one and Tarna picked up the other- what a sight.  No, I'm not a fan of mice, rats, cockroaches, or tarantulas, but I am becoming content with living in simpler conditions and I am getting used to these critters that I frequently find around here.

Then a truck came from a mission organization that sends food and supplies to George and Carol Ann so that they can disperse them to the locals in Nan Sentrain and Mawouj.  So the older boys and I unloaded all the boxes and organized them to prepare to give them out later this week.

After lunch, everyone took an hour of "rest time" until 2:30 pm when Tarna and I met Carol Ann at the clinic to organize all the meds that came in today. We spent about 4 hours unloading boxes and organizing the depot and pharmacy.  A team from Mawouj came to the clinic to deliver meds and supplies as well.  What a blessing to have all of these life-saving medicines for the surrounding areas!  The team was a youth group from Miami and the girls were so friendly.  Hopefully I will see them tomorrow!  After all the organizing, we headed to Mawouj on the back of the pick-up to get gas, drinks, and wire.  It was a fun time.  Then we headed home to the guest house for the night.  It's been a wonderful day, and Jesus is so good.  Can't wait to see what He has planned for tomorrow.

My crew!