Friday, November 14, 2014


In many ways I feel so unqualified and out of place in writing this.  I am an eighteen year old with no experience in being a parent, let alone adopting a child.  Yet this story, and the untold secrets of so many families that it represents, has captivated me in a way that I cannot simply shake off.  It has grasped my mind {and heart} in a way that I feel is worth sharing.

Disrupting Grace, by Kristen Richburg, tells the story of a Christ-centered family who adopted a little girl named Emma and had to relinquish her from their family after five years with her.  They had loved her deeply, yet they relinquished her; they gave up their rights and she was given to another family.  Before you assume that her parents committed a heinous crime, it is vital that you hear their full story.

Emma had been born in Thailand and given to an abusive foster family before she was adopted.  Emma had Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) which made it impossible for her to attach to her adoptive parents, especially concerning her relationship with her mom.  Emma's disorder left her unable to cope with emotions and violent tendencies that not only harmed herself but also others around her.  Emma's sufferings afflicted her adoptive family and left them overwhelmed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After five years of raising her, they decided what was best for Emma and she was given to another family; she seems to be thriving.  Please read their entire story- you can find the book on Amazon or at

While the book was definitely a must-read, there is so much more to this topic that needs to be addressed.  Many people are unaware of RAD and the hardships that come along with adoption. So please join me in praying for adopting families and children with RAD. 

Perhaps the reason I have been so impacted by this story is because I see myself in Emma. I have been born into a dark world where sin is rampant and wounds abound. I have been adopted by a loving Father, yet every natural instinct in me tells me to run. Attaching to this God has been a process; and still is. As He continues to pour out His love to me, I continue to anticipate when it will stop- when His love will no longer be given and my evil actions will finally prove His character limited. Yet He is greater. He is greater than my fleshly instincts to fight this Triune God who loves me and He is greater than physical attachment disorders. He is greater than the pain that families across the world are enduring and He is victorious over the schemes of Satan. 

We have been adopted by Him, friends. We were orphaned and confused as to how this God could truly claim us as His own. Yet we are, we are His own- and He is ours. Rejoice over the love of the Father!