Wednesday, December 10, 2014

24 July 2014 {Nan Sentrain}

Today ended up being one of those very productive, yet exhausting days.  After breakfast, Tarna, Carol Ann, and I walked to Austin's land, which is only about a mile away, to pick up the truck to refill the water buckets and any materials needed.  The week has been focused on building Eliodi's house and Austin's fence and foundation.

Then, Austin took Tarna and I back to see all the land the Trueloves own in daylight - it is so beautiful.  Then, we all walked back to the guest house for lunch. Odelson then took all of us back to the construction site to get all the water bottles and buckets in order to fill them up at the Catholic Church's cistern.

Then about 4 pm, we all headed back to Eliodi's to get all the fertile dirt and soil from the foundation and carry it to Austin's land where his home will be built.  It was hard work, but it was good and we are all looking forward to seeing Eliodi's house be complete.  About 7 pm we headed back home for supper and showers.  None of us can wait for tomorrow - we have a very interesting adventure planned for tomorrow night.  Definitely praying for safety and His all to be done above all. Thanking Jesus for this day!
 Part of the Trueloves' land
 Trueloves' land
 Eliodi's land

 Front yard of Austin's future home
 The lovely valley

 Oops! We got the bucket stuck in the cistern

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