Wednesday, December 10, 2014

25 July 2014 {Port de Paix}

The morning started off with a load of laundry, which took about an hour and a half - we're learning over here.  Then Tarna and I helped Carol Ann at the Nutritional Center.  We held all the babies and got their sizes and genders to be able to get clothes for them.  Right now there are three babies staying at the Center; a four-month-old girl, a seven-month-old girl (who is the same size as the little one), and a four-month-old girl who is the same size as a small newborn.  Her skin was chafing and she was absolutely tiny, with eyes sunken into her skull.  We headed to the clinic to get B complex, and as I went to get the keys to the clinic, I fell on a rock and re-injured my ankle.  Just as it had started to stop swelling - oh well!  So, Carol Ann gave me an ankle brace and some strapping tape.  She is worried it is broken, but either way, I am gong to need to walk (a lot) until I go home.  So I am praying Jesus sustains me - and He always does.

So, we got the B complex for the babies and some medicine for a man with stomach ulcers.  We also went to our surplus box and got clothes, blankets, diapers, and hats for all the babies at the Nutritional Center.  The families loved all the gifts and supplies.

Then we helped make banana bread to bring on our adventure tonight, and we are preparing for that right now.  Austin, Jonathan, Stang, Tarna, and I are taking a night hike.  We are walking thirteen miles to Port de Paix, a beach, where we will be spending the night.  We will leave at 7 pm and we hope to arrive before midnight. The roads are rocky, or nonexistent, and the journey will be hard, but we are so excited.  It will be an interesting night for sure!

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