Friday, March 27, 2015

let's go {deep}

Spend time with God.  Pray to Him.  Talk to Him.  Be in His presence.  Enjoy Him.  Enjoy the things He made.  Spend time with His people.  Get to know their stories (you know, the ones He authored).  Go deep.  Read His Word.  Be excited about what He's doing.  Let yourself be a part of what He's doing.  Rejoice! Be thankful.  Meet new people (you know, people He created).  Be thankful for the body of Christ.  Be thankful for the hippi who gave you stickers at a gas station.  Praise Him.  Praise Him in the flat tires and the "oops, that wasn't supposed to happen"'s.  Praise Him in the Grand Canyon.  Praise Him in the stories of suffering and heartache and abuse (you know, the ones that He ordained). Ask for forgiveness from Him.  Ask forgiveness from His people (you know, for the times where you were frustrated and stubborn).  Be thankful for life (you know, the one He gave you).  Be excited about the spontaneous.  Be ready to forgive.  Show grace.  Love a lot.  Experience life in Him (you know, life abundant).  Laugh about the inside jokes, the funny quotes, and the awkward conversations.  Be thankful for the black sky, icy, night, mountain roads.  Be thankful for the wind and the sunshine and the snow and the rain.  Be thankful for the sore body aches.  Be thankful for the hikes and the "not-so" hikes.  Be thankful for the lack of sleep.  Be thankful for the long days and the short ones. Be thankful for the sixteen states and the two countries.  Be thankful for paint spilled on the roof and bananas smeared across windows.  Be thankful for the USA and the UAE.  Be thankful for the exhaustion and the need to "shake it off".  Praise Him here.  Praise Him there.  Praise Him in every moment (you know, the ones He is sovereign over).

 Katie buried in the back - good sport!

 Mount Rushmore

 for the UAE!

 Thanks for all the laughs, Elise!

 Columbia River Gorge!

 Joshua Tree, CA

 Joel enjoying street tacos

 Roof painting

 Sweet, sweet friends

 Grand Canyon oasis

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