Thursday, January 21, 2016

He's {always} been faithful

I can't remember a trial or a pain He did not recycle to bring me gain. I can't remember one single regret in serving God only and trusting His hand. All I have needed His hand will provide. He's always been faithful to me. 
- Sara Groves

As I sit in this little cafe in Talpyot, Jerusalem, I am reflecting on His faithfulness. Maybe I should be doing one of the hermeneutics papers whose deadlines are approaching, or maybe I should be reading the piles of books left to read for this semester, but I think right now, I need to just sit. And be. And reflect. And recount His faithfulness before I start to assume that I'm simply made to work and study instead of marvel like the little child of His that I am. That's what I'm made for - to adore Him, to let every thought be taken captive for His glory because He is good and He is worthy and He deserves all of me.

I have lots of things I could share about being in Israel and seeing all the places of the Scriptures being brought to life but instead I'm just going to write about His faithfulness because that's a discipline He's been teaching me, and one that I need to work on.

Last January, I had no idea I would be in Israel the following year. I even thought about leaving Moody last year at this time. I thought about packing up and moving to Ethiopia right then because I thought I knew enough to do ministry, community scared me, I was still adjusting to reverse culture-shock, and I was processing through the areas of the Lord's heart and of mine that I didn't know or understand.

I started writing down everything. I wrote every story of my life, every sin I had ever committed, and every time I had ever been hurt or disappointed, and every point in my life where the Lord had showed up. And it was amazing. I never finished because the stories took up too much time but I prayed and in this long process of journeying through my life, I found that my story wasn't my own. The stories started off being about me, but by the end, the Lord transformed me. He showed me that it wasn't about me at all, it was all about Him - it was His grace, His hand dragging me along when I was too weak to keep up, and He was faithful. And in this past year, I've learned a lot, I've failed a lot, I've been shown a lot of Him.

Friends, He is good. And He's always been faithful.

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