Sunday, January 3, 2016

Israel FAQs

I have received many similar questions about my upcoming trip to the Holy Land, and so I decided it may be helpful if I made a little FAQ blog before I head out tomorrow.

1. Where will you be staying in Israel?

We will be staying in a guest house in southeast Jerusalem for most of the semester.  All the students and professors will be staying together in the guest house in rooms with 4-6 people.

2. Will you be staying in one place or traveling?
During the semester, Jerusalem will be our home base and we will be doing lots of day trips to different parts of the Old City and other places in Israel.  We will also be spending a couple of nights in Eilat, and we will be taking a two week tour all around the country.

3. Are you worried about the conflict/danger of living in Israel?
No. I am confident that the Lord is in control, regardless of whether or not I’m living in a little small town in Florida, the middle of Chicago, or the border of the West Bank.  I am also confident that this is where the Lord is leading me.  Also, Israel is the safest country in the Middle East and Jerusalem is one of the safest cities in the country.  Many who have asked this question assume that Israel’s present state is that of constant terrorist attacks on every side, and although there are some possible dangers, I think many are fearing exaggerated, biased news reports. But even if we were living on the Gaza Strip or in the middle of Syria, I’d rather die following the Lord than live following comfort. If you have asked this question, I want to say “thank you” for caring for my safety and that of those going on the trip with me – I really do appreciate it.

4.  Is the program through your school?
Yes, the program is through Moody and both the Spokane and Chicago campuses have students joining. Also, all the professors are through Moody and all of the courses we will be taking are in the regular Moody curriculum. 

5. What are the group dynamics?
There are about thirty students that are from both Moody's Chicago and Spokane campuses.  Then we will have a couple of Moody professors that live in Israel that will be leading the trip.  Additionally, we will have professors from Moody come to Israel for two weeks at a time to teach their courses.

6. What will you be studying?
There are two tracks that you can take for the program, a sophomore and junior track.  I will be taking the following courses: Hermeneutics, the Life of Christ, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Communicating Biblical Truths.  And I am SO excited!

7. How long will you be in Israel?
I will be in Israel for about three months.

8. How can I pray for you/your group?
There are so many things that I would appreciate prayer for, and I will hopefully update as more specific prayer requests come up; however, the following is a list of things that I can think of for right now:
-that we would be diligent in studying the Word but at the same time never treat or view it like a text book
-that our group would become a community and a team that grows in the Lord and in our love for one another
-that we would rest in the Lord's protection, especially as we travel
-that we would be humble and teachable, especially as we are immersed in a new culture
-that we would be faithful ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ
-that the Lord would give us opportunities to speak truth to the two major unreached people groups that we'll be living amongst

9. What are you most excited about?

I am SO excited to walk where Jesus walked and gain new perspectives and context for reading and studying the Word.  I am also excited about the courses that I will be taking and the community of people that I’ll be doing life with for the next several months.  I love that I don’t yet know everyone on the trip, and I am really looking forward to building new relationships and investing in old friendships.  I am also super excited to gain a better understanding of Israeli and Arab cultures and the relationship between them.  I have never been to the Middle East and I definitely have a passion for Muslims, so I am excited to learn more about their culture and see the Lord working in the midst of it all.  I am also like a little kid, so I'm excited for things like swimming, caving, hiking, and trying new foods.  But perhaps the thing that I'm looking forward to most is being there, in the Holy Land, and remembering that the Lord reigns over this earthly-disputed territory - that even though there is physical conflict, the spiritual battle is already won, and I am eternally grateful that the Lord has chosen to reveal this truth to me.  I am blessed beyond compare, and I will rejoice in the joy of my salvation.  

Thank you so much for inquiring about my trip, praying over me and the group, and for joining me on this next adventure.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at  I would love to answer any questions! 

In Christ's Rich Blessings, 


  1. Mallory, I am so excited for you and will commit to pray over you and your group. What an exciting adventure that our Lord has you on! Looking forward for your updates! SHALOM!

  2. Mallory, I am so excited for you and will commit to pray over you and your group. What an exciting adventure that our Lord has you on! Looking forward for your updates! SHALOM!

  3. Thank you so much, Karen!! I am so thankful for your prayers! Shalom!