Tuesday, January 5, 2016

we have {arrived}

Literally, we have arrived.  We hopped off the plane about seven hours ago in Tel Aviv after a three hour flight from Moscow.  Before our final leg of the trip, we had a nine hour flight from DC and a quick, quick layover in Russia... where we waited to get off of our first plane for thirty minutes as our second plane began boarding.  However, Russia counted.  Russia counted because they made us get off the plane, walk on the snow-covered, 0 degrees Fahrenheit flight line and get on a bus to our next terminal (which, mind you, had been boarding for a long while before we got there).  And even though we were only there for about an hour, and the whole time we were rushing (or Russian),  and I cried because I thought I was going to pass out from the pressure on my ears, and we had to go through security a second time, we have arrived.

And this had nothing to do with me.  Or Pippa.  Or anyone "in charge".

Figuratively, we have arrived. My roommate coined that phrase and her friend even made her a little canvas that says with crafty penmanship "YOU HAVE ARRIVED".  It's not a "you can do anything", "you are amazing just the way you are", cheesy sort of phrase used as a pick-me-up for people who find relying on themselves extremely rewarding.  It's the opposite.  It's a humble reminder of who she is in Christ - that salvation and the idea of arriving to freedom from the strains of self-sufficiency are because of what Christ has done.

And so I proclaim that today as I sit back and think of all the Lord has done in the past twenty-four hours (and all I have not done, like trust Him even though I know He is faithful).  He is the One who physically cared for all the little details of making flight connections, and taking a bus to our little guest house in Jerusalem, and meeting new friends down the street who make good food and have questions about this Jesus who not only cares for us but also for them (even though right now, they don't believe Him).

And not only does He care for the little details of our lives, but He cares for our hearts too - for ours, and the Muslims and the Jews and the atheists and every single person that He has breathed life into.  And because of Him, I have salvation.  And I am praying that the Lord would open the hearts of our friends too, that they may find salvation in Him as well.  And so because of Him, we have arrived.  And this had nothing to do with me.