Saturday, May 14, 2016

n{ever} ready

I don't think I'll ever be at a place of "readiness". As a child, I was never ready for a new assignment, never ready for another move, never ready for change. But we did it anyway. We didn't wait for our hearts to catch up to what our minds and bodies knew we had to do. We just did it - we took steps in obedience, hardly ever feeling ready. We did it with expectancy, but we weren't ready.

But maybe that's what this life is about - taking steps in obedience to God without the assurance of feeling ready, qualified, well-suited, and prepared. Because if we were to wait for those feelings of security (which are often misleading anyway), we'd end up missing out on the beauty of God - those moments of realisation that make us surrender our abilities, plans, pride, and dance in the storm of His grace that works within us, creating better work than we could ever do on our own.

So I may not be ready to leave Australia, and I may not be ready to leave my dear friends here, and I may not be ready to leave my family again, and I may not be ready to work at camp for ten weeks, but I'm learning that's okay. You just do it. You trust God and you recount His {GREAT} faithfulness in the past (& in your past), and you walk forward in expectancy. You don't bottle up your emotions and pretend they don't exist, constantly conflicting with one another inside you, but you surrender them. You follow Him when it hurts and when it doesn't because He's worth it. And He tends to provide beautifully regardless of whether or not you choose to be faithful, but oh my soul (& yours), why not be faithful when He's given you the chance to be a part of His glorious story?

And so I am committed to following Him, and I ask for your prayers. Please pray that I would be faithful to Him and that I would rest in His grace for the times when I'm not.

Just a couple of pictures from this autumn in Australia:

 St. Kilda
 Yarra Valley Dairy
 Phillip Island - my favourite place down under.

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